Apr 27, 2020

Why Choose RL Liquidators

Larry Morgan, the CEO of RL Liquidators in this video will be talking a little bit about us.  People have seen some of my videos and have asked that I publish a brief video about RL Liquidators, so here we go.

RL Liquidators is a highly experienced liquidation company within the reverse logistics industry.  We have been liquidating assets for companies ranging from small mom and pops to the mega-companies each of us know for the last ten years.  

There are a number of things that set us apart from the pack, not least of which is that the company was purpose-built to meet the current liquidation needs of modern businesses.  Very early on, we recognized that the strategies employed by the old-established liquidation companies were antiquated.  It was clear to us that those strategies would not be viable for long.  We developed our liquidation strategies by listening to the concerns and challenges faced by companies who are successfully navigating the rise of digital commerce.  

We learned what these companies needed and created solutions to meet those needs.  One focus that came from this, is our emphasis on B2C liquidation solutions.  

We have created and developed multiple proprietary B2C sales channels, using both online and brick and mortar experiences, that allow us to move very high volumes of product.  These sales channels are both scalable and geographically exclusive, allowing us to control where, when and how the inventory we liquidate is processed.  None of the inventory we liquidate goes through third party websites such as Amazon or E-Bay.

We have developed, and continuously improve, the software, processes, tools, and equipment that allow us to serve our clients well; both now and far into the future.

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