May 28, 2021

Who Is RL Liquidators

Founded in 2009 by Ryan Babineau and Larry Morgan, RL Liquidators has quickly grown to be the largest liquidation company in the western United States.  When RL Liquidators started in 2009, Ryan and Larry had over twenty years’ experience in the retail and logistics industries each.  As they met with companies that needed liquidation services and those that offered them, they quickly realized that the liquidation side of the industry was not adequately adapting to the rapidly changing retail landscape.  It became clear that the liquidation services available were quickly becoming obsolete as the needs of the industry changed.  Retailers, manufacturers and those in distribution were beginning to require services that many liquidation companies did not provide.  Responding to those needs, Ryan and Larry have spent the last decade creating and developing the tools, processes, facilities, equipment, software and teams to meet them; both now and far into the future.