Jun 7, 2021

Our Logistics Capabilties

One of the things that set us apart from other companies is our logistics capabilities. We have teams of people dedicated to ensuring that the trucks we move are both picked up from and delivered to their intended destinations on time and within budget. To start with, we have our own trucking company, RL Shipping, and Transport, with our own fleet of trucks, trailers, and drivers. Members of our logistics administration team arededicated solely to managing that fleet and coordinating those drivers to keep the freight moving on schedule. That fleet and that team are exceptionally efficient, but few, if any, companies can cover every lane throughout the country. So, to fill those gaps, we have other members of our team dedicated solely to building and maintaining relationships with otherfreight brokers, to ensure we always get the best rates and most reliable service regardless of where the freight is being moved from or to. Put all those pieces together, our trucking company, and these two high-powered teams and we have the capability to move freight from anywhere to anywhere quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.