May 12, 2020

What You Can Do To Reduce Your Returns

Larry Morgan in this episode will be discussing real ways you can reduce your return rate.  One of the most common questions we hear is; “Is there any way to reduce the number of returns we get?”  Fortunately, the answer to that question is yes, there are things you can do to reduce returns.  

It all starts with gathering data about the returns you’re getting.  Start with the items, or categories, that are returned most often and look at why they get returned.  Are the customers’ expectations not met when they receive the item?  Does the item arrive damaged, and if so, how and where? Does the item not work as described?  If it’s a sized item, are the measurement charts accurate?  Look at why the item is coming back and take action on anything you can impact.  

Perhaps something as simple as adding a video to your site showing the item in use will improve your customers’ expectations.  Sharing information with the manufacturer can lead to improved packaging so items don’t arrive damaged, or changes to the manufacturing process so items work more reliably.  Perhaps you can package items differently prior to shipping to prevent damage.  Sizing charts can be adjusted.  Manufacturers in different countries all have different sizing charts and few, if any, are alike.  Developing a sizing chart for your intended audience can be a huge step to avoiding returns on sized items.  When you start gathering information on what is being returned and why, you’ll likely be surprised at what you can change to reduce the likelihood that an item is returned.  

Now, if you don’t currently have a method of collecting that data, it can be expensive to create the systems required to gather it, and then present it in a way that allows you to take action.  There are a couple of options here; you can decide to spend the money to do it yourself, or you can partner with a good liquidation company to do it for you.  

Not every liquidation company can provide that level of service, and some do it better than others.  We at RL Liquidators feel this is something we do well.  We collect data on every return we receive, and can even collect photographs of every returned item.  We share that data with our clients so they can make informed decisions on how to impact their return rates.  In addition to receiving a check from us each month for the returns we received, our clients also receive a great deal of invaluable data allowing them to make impactful and timely decisions designed to reduce returns altogether.

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